Faut-il interdire les services de partage de fichiers ?

Une étude récente montre que près de la moitié des employés utilisent des services de partage de fichiers (Dropbox, Box...) malgré l'interdiction de leur entreprise.

Alors que fait-on ?

  • On crée un mur de sécurité avec blocage d'adresses IP des sites, firewall.... comme une ligne Maginot
  • On édicte un réglement et on se donne les moyens de le faire respecter
  • On laisse faire


Survey: Nearly Half of Employees That Use File Sharing Services at Work Do So Despite Knowing Employer Bans Their Use – Press Releases – News – Nasuni

Nasuni surveyed more than 1,300 corporate IT users to investigate the use of consumer file sharing services and their connection with the rise of BYOD. Some of the findings include:

  • One in five employees uses Dropbox for work files;
  • When IT has a policy against using file sharing at work, half of employees use these services even though they are aware that their employer has a policy against it;
  • Corporate leaders are the worst culprits. VPs and directors are most likely to use Dropbox despite the risks;
  • Three in five (58 percent) of employees with a personal smart phone or tablet access work files from that device; and
  • Before the end of January 2013, the number personal devices in the workplace will increase by 25 percent.